Hello: A Word From Our Hosts

Hello hello! We have some words for you.

Hello: A Word From Our Hosts

Before jumping into things, we wanted to give each of our hosts a little space to say a few words about the Atlas Loom. But without all the stiff-ness of having to conform to the professionalism of the About page or the template of our episode descriptions.


So here's the thing: ever since I was a kid, I was super into making games, telling stories, and designing worlds. By 12 years old, I was teaching myself how to code on computers because I learned that you can make games that way, and I wanted to give myself the tools to tell stories that others can experience.

That spark—that drive to create—has been a constant in my life. Since then, be it video games, tabletop games, TTRPGs, or what have you, I am happiest when I'm guiding people through a tale.

When Diana invited me into her current D&D campaign, I was ecstatic. I have been a tabletop DM/GM for ages, and rarely get a chance to be a player character, let alone in a group full of passionate TTRPG folks. As I began making my character and received some supplementary material from Diana's world, it was immediately obvious that we both share that spark. I could tell how much she cares about the world she is sharing with us, and it resonated so much that I wanted to dive headfirst into exploring this space together.

Enter The Atlas Loom: An exploration into worldbuilding for tabletop and beyond. And a project that I am truly, wholly hype about.

As we head into 2024 and beyond, I am cooking up some more TTRPG content for my channels, and I couldn't be more excited to kick it all off right here at the Loom with Diana.


Y'all, I am so excited for the Atlas Loom, holy shit.

I was super flattered when Dev asked me to join the project. We'd been mutuals for a while, and after mentioning that he played D&D, I extended an invite to have him join my Curse of Strahd campaign with a bunch of other content creators. Literally one session in, he came up to me and was like "Diana, we should make a podcast."

That was back in September. Cut to less than two months later, and we already have the domains set aside, a logo in the works, and the first two episodes recorded. And my god, the episodes are fantastic. Listening to the first real test episode (which will end up being Episode 2 in the release order) made me want to drop everything and spend an entire weekend coming up with new ideas for D&D - even though I was one of the voices in the recording. It was like real-life inspiration.

The best part is that the show isn't just about strictly worldbuilding. We'll go over everything you need to build continents, stories, deities, and all that, for sure - but we're going to equip you to be an amazing Game Master on all other fronts as well. We'll have episodes on voice acting, on tools you can use to keep your notes organized, on how to improvise and come up with things on the fly... we'll even be answering your guys' submitted questions the whole way through. Everything you need is right here.

On a personal level, too, the Atlas Loom is right up my alley. On TikTok and Twitch, I'm quite well known for being a TTRPG creator who provides tips for making GMing far easier and less daunting than professionals on the world's most popular high-production-level shows might make it seem. And so being able to bring these ideas and pieces of advice to a brand new platform, one that people can passively listen to on the commute home from work, is insanely exciting.

Plus - and I always say this - being a GM is so much fun. And we need more GMs in the world.

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