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Worldbuilding, made easy

The Atlas Loom is a lighthearted, resourceful, and comedic podcast that shares actual, usable advice on how to create entire worlds full of enticing lore for tabletop role playing games. Rather than simply perpetuating the same old boring advice of "just sit down and write", each episode breaks complex worldbuilding topics down into simple steps that absolutely any Game Master or player can follow in order to enhance their experience at the table.

Covering everything from the creation of diverse pantheons and countries, down to the nitty-gritty of delivering monologues and scene descriptions on the fly, the Atlas Loom is here to make worldbuilding easy.

And, of course, it does so with witty flair.

Driven by a love of gaming

Hosted by Endeavorance and DianaOfTheRose—two well-known internet personalities and TTRPG lovers—the Atlas Loom is fueled by decades of experience being behind the GM screen. Joined by a rotating cast of guest stars from the tabletop gaming world, they've taken some of the best advice in the field and distilled it down into one engaging podcast series for easy listening wherever you are.

Better still, information from the Atlas Loom is almost entirely setting-agnostic and can be used to create compelling lore for any game system, from Dungeons and Dragons to Blades in the Dark and beyond.

United by storytelling

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Meet Your Hosts


Endeavorance ("Dev" for short) is a tabletop GM, storyteller, and content creator with a goal of increasing the number of smiles in the world. His content work began on TikTok, posting skits, rants, and general oddities before establishing the popular "Stuff Keeps Happening" current events recap series. Dev's heart lies in gaming and game development, both video and tabletop. He has been building games of all types since he was just a lil' guy, and was building worlds before even knowing that worldbuilding was a thing. Now, he wants to share what he knows and encourage others to engage in the wonder that is collaborative fiction.

Diana Fay

Diana, better known as DianaOfTheRose, is a content creator based out of the Pacific Northwest. Her content covers a vast array of topics, including psychology, comedy, video games, and life hacks, but she is best known for sharing her strong love of TTRPGs with her audience. The majority of her videos and livestreams focus on trying to lower barriers to exploring one's self through gaming and making being a Game Master less daunting, which was her primary motivation for helping to bring the Atlas Loom to life. She is actively working to provide more representation for queer Latine folks in influencer circles and gaming spaces, and is often found exploring conventions all across the country or starring in TTRPG productions.