Episode 8: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

"Welcome to The Atlas Loom, a thinly veiled Lance Reddick fan podcast." ~Dev

Episode 8: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
"Welcome to the breeding episode of The Atlas Loom. Buckle up."
~ Diana

Do you know what worlds tend to have in them? Creatures. Critters. Lil' guys. Loads of 'em.

Today, Dev and Diana talk about how you can design animals and monsters that fit into the ecosystems of your world, influence the culture of the people around them, or maybe cause some chaos by merely existing.

Diana has a literal degree in this field. Dev has a very good dog. That put's both of our hosts on pretty equal footing for this episode.

Topics covered in this biodiverse episode

  • Diana's literal profession
  • Palia, the pinnacle of biodiversity
  • Invasive species
  • Really perfect circles
  • Environmental impacts on animals and people
  • The definition of "migration"
  • Attractive Norwegians
  • What hunts a Tarrasque?
  • Trans Pride Worm
  • Hippos with wings
  • Nature is metal af
  • Distracting the Mothman with a light
  • Possession
  • Diana's love for parasites
  • The gobbliest turkey imaginable

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