Episode 7: Player Characters & Psychotherapy

"I want to be annihilated" ~Gina

Episode 7: Player Characters & Psychotherapy
"I want to be annihilated"
~ Gina

So you have a world and a story and that's all well and good. Time to sit down at the table and...

Uh. Wait, we're missing something. Oh! The players. And their characters. That does seem important, huh?

On today's episode of The Atlas Loom, the incredible Gina (@ohheyitsgina_) joins Dev and Diana to talk about how to make incredible player characters to explore the worlds we build.

Topics covered in this therapy session of an episode

  • Endeavorance's love for tall ships
  • Psychoanalysis of everyone in the episode
  • Musical inspirations for characters and scenarios
  • Mood induction
  • Pinterest boards and collections of inspo
  • Avoid gag characters! ...usually.
  • Start with your flaws, discover your strengths
  • Exploring the character by playing them
  • What does a Level 1 character actually mean?
  • "Bleed" and the human aspect of roleplaying
  • One friend. One enemy.
  • What being a Tiefling means about you

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Thanks Again to Our Guest!

A huge shout-out to our incredible guest, Gina! Gina is an amazing Actual Play performer, content creator, actress, writer, and just an amazing person at large.

If you want to see her work, you can find her stuff below:

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