Episode 5: Biblically Accurate Spooky

"I'm probably about to get us cancelled, but..." ~Endeavorance

Episode 5: Biblically Accurate Spooky
I'm probably about to get us cancelled, but...
~ Endeavorance

The time has finally come to breach Diana's favorite subject: Horror. How can you crank the spooky factor to 11 in your world, story, or campaign? How can you depict something innately terrifying, or leave your heroes to navigate mind-bending horrors?

In today's episode, Diana answers all of your questions. And Dev... well, Dev tries his best. We love him for that.

Content warnings for this episode

This episode touches on topics which some listeners or viewers may find uncomfortable, including:

  • Mentions of suicide
  • Body horror (including eye gore, blood & mutilation)
  • Discussion of spiders / arachnophobia
  • Minor spoilers for Get Out, Resident Evil 4, Outer Wilds, and Curse of Strahd

Topics covered in this terrifying episode

  • Just the right amount of pants peeing
  • Jump scares are a cheap tactic
  • Consent, as always, is critical
  • Strong opinions on Lovecraft
  • Knowing which buttons to push
  • Just a lot of eyes
  • Crafting effective horror in a theater-of-the-mind setting
  • Cryptids in West Virginia
  • The Resident Evil 4 remake was very good
  • "It was there the whole time!"
  • Dragging the "limbs" slider all the way up

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