Episode 4: Tone, Vibes & Backpacks

"Purely sexual overtones" ~Diana

Episode 4: Tone, Vibes & Backpacks
"Purely sexual overtones"
~ Diana

When building your world, you often need to walk a difficult line of maintaining a given tone, especially when weaving stories that seek to elicit emotional responses from the player, reader or whoever you may be trying to pull at the heartstrings of.

In this week's Atlas Loom episode, Dev and Diana talk through selecting, designing and conveying the tone and vibes of your world, how you can manipulate them over time, and how you can work within and outside of the bounds set by your world's tone.

As always, if you'd like to submit a question for Dev and Diana to answer in a future episode, send in a wish! Email wish@theAtlasLoom.com with your question as well as your name and pronouns!

Topics covered in this absolute vibe of an episode

  • Tone is embedded in everything
  • Pumice and hummus
  • Evoking a vibe, and sticking to it...
  • ...or sometimes not sticking to it
  • Cool undertones & sexual overtones
  • Somehow John Wick, again
  • The Jansport Saga
  • Pinterest as a tool
  • Sickly Victorian children
  • A few Yoinks more

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