Episode 3: Stealing for Fun (But Not Profit)

"And that's how you yoink" ~Diana

Episode 3: Stealing for Fun (But Not Profit)
"And that's how you yoink"
~ Diana

Sometimes you just need to take some inspiration from another place and bring it into your world. And sometimes, you just like something so much that you take it and jam it into your world. Now, generally it's cool and good to take inspiration and run with it, but in today's episode, Dev and Diana walk through the best ways to take inspiration, make it your own, and give credit where credit is due.

"Yoink" stuff for fun. But don't plagiarize. Please. Like for realsies. Okay cool.

Oh! And perhaps we should mention this lil' tidbit: This is the first episode of The Atlas Loom featuring a full video version! Available to everyone on our YouTube channel.

Topics covered in this deft-handed episode

  • Eldritch languages
  • The fact that this episode is not about languages
  • Our favorite examples of yoinked concepts
  • The "madlib style" worldbuilding approach
  • Dev infodumping about Destiny 2 raids
  • How John Wick can improve your world
  • Converting art to ideas, the easy way
  • The map of RuneScape
  • Trust us - you’ll get away with it
  • Diana's decision to remove the entire concept of water wells from her world
  • Dev's notable lack of an apology

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