Episode 10: The Voice in our Heads

"I hate this, I don't want to code switch into British" ~Diana

Episode 10: The Voice in our Heads
I hate this, I don't want to code switch into British
~ Diana

You know how they look, you know who they are, but how do they sound?

In today's episode of The Atlas Loom, Dev and Diana are joined by the wonderful Sebastian Humphreys (aka HowToDoVoices) to discuss, well, how to do voices.

But also so much more! How to approach doing a voice if you're nervous, or even how to better represent your character nonverbally.

A huge thank-you to Seb for joining us on this episode. It is mandatory that you follow his incredible work on his TikTok account, @HowToDoVoices.

Topics covered in this cacophonous episode

  • Don't be nervous
  • Weird things you can do with your mouth
  • Using posture to get into character
  • Diana's spot-on horse impression
  • Identifying components of your voice and how to experiment with them
  • Doing funny voices in the shower
  • Myriad tips, tricks and techniques for dipping your toes into character voices or taking them to the next level

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