Never Stop Imagining

Keep on weaving your worlds.

Dearest Worldweavers,

The worlds we weave are infinite. Their stories are vast. Their importance to us as humans is immeasurable.

Creativity, passion and drive are inherent to those who love to build worlds. We do it because we love to. Because we love our worlds, and because we love our stories.

Worlds form and fall, shape and reshape. And sometimes you realize they are coming to the end of their story. Such is the case with The Atlas Loom.

Due to creative and directional differences, The Atlas Loom will be closing up shop effective today.

We will be refunding subscriptions as necessary for Gilded Worldweavers. If you would like to request specific refund instructions, please email

We understand that this is a sudden and surprising change, and we ask for your forgiveness and understanding as we discover paths forward.

It is our sincere hope that our paths will cross again someday. But in the meantime, keep on weaving your worlds.

(p.s. all of the bonus content on this site has been made publicly available)

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